What is seed paper?

Our plantable seed paper is a handmade paper product made from recycled cotton waste sourced from the textile industry. This eco-friendly paper contains seeds embedded within its fibers, allowing it to be planted in soil after use. As the paper decomposes, the seeds germinate and grow into plants, resulting in a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to repurpose waste materials.



We use our Bloom seed paper for the Little Green Gifts range. Air dried to offer the highest growth rate, it is handmade using residual cotton from the textile industry, that means old clothes are turned into paper, mixed with wildflower seeds and Bloom is the result! Seed mix typically includes common wildflowers such as poppy, daisy and alyssum. With its beautiful texture and crisp white colour, it makes the perfect paper for our sustainable gifts.

Planting Instructions


Elephant Poo Paper

Made from elephant poo and recycled fibres, each sheet of this paper is so specially unique in colour and texture as elephant poo can change depending on each elephant's age and diet.

The production of elephant poo paper not only provides a sustainable alternative to traditional papermaking methods but also helps support conservation efforts. By utilizing elephant dung, which would otherwise be waste, this process contributes to environmental sustainability and promotes the protection of elephant habitats.

It's worth noting that the paper produced from elephant dung is typically odor-free and safe for use, as the fibers undergo thorough cleaning and sterilization during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the final product often has a unique texture and appearance, making it a conversation starter and a symbol of creative recycling and conservation.


Pens & Pencils

Our plantable pens & pencils are made from recycled paper and they contain seeds embedded within the capsule at the top. After the pen or pencil has been used up, instead of tossing it away, you can plant it in soil. As the capsule decomposes, the seeds are released and germinate growing into wildflowers.They are a small yet impactful step towards a greener future, combining functionality with the joy of watching new life sprout from something as simple as a writing instrument.