Embrace Sustainability with Little Green Gifts: A Revolution in Seed Paper Products

Embrace Sustainability with Little Green Gifts: A Revolution in Seed Paper Products

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the quest for eco-friendly alternatives has become paramount. One pioneering solution has emerged in the form of Little Green Gifts, an innovative line of seed paper products introduced by the visionary minds at Little Green Paper Shop. These products not only offer practical utility but also symbolise a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

 Pocket Hugs - Tiny Tokens of Love:

These miniature tokens are designed to be carried easily in pockets, wallets, or purses, making them readily available to be shared with others at any moment. Pocket Hugs are meant to convey warmth, affection, and emotional support. They serve as tangible reminders of love and care, bringing comfort to both the giver and the recipient. Little Green Gifts' Pocket Hugs are precisely that—a token of affection in the shape of a small wooden heart, packaged with seed paper with the option of six unique and fun designs, ready to sprout into vibrant flowers when planted. These pocket-sized wonders serve as a reminder of love and care, while also nurturing the earth.

Place cards:

Setting the table for a special occasion just got more meaningful with Little Green Gifts' Seed Paper Place Cards. Choose from our selection of six designs, where you will receive 10 seeded place cards. Encased in packaging crafted from recycled elephant dung—an ingenious eco-friendly choice—these seed paper place cards not only add charm to your gatherings but also contribute to the conservation of wildlife habitats.

Seed Paper Pen and Pencil Set:

Grow your creativity with our plantable pen and pencil set! The Seed Paper Pen and Pencil Set from Little Green Gifts combines functionality with environmental consciousness. Crafted from plantable seed paper, these writing instruments offer a smooth writing experience and, once used up, can be planted to grow into beautiful blooms.

Seed Paper Notebook and Plantable Pen:

Little Green Gifts' Seed Paper Notebook is a sanctuary for your thoughts, enclosed in a belly band made from recycled elephant dung. Paired with a plantable pen, this set embodies the harmony between nature and creativity. As you jot down your ideas, you also sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow.

Seed Paper Gift Tags: 

Add a touch of eco-elegance to your gifts with Seed Paper Gift Tags. These tags, adorned with seeds waiting to sprout, come packaged in elephant dung paper, making each tag not just a label but a testament to sustainability. 

A7 Seed Paper Cards and Notes Set: 

Communication meets conservation in Little Green Gifts' A7 Seed Paper Cards and Notes Set. Crafted from seed paper and packaged in elephant dung paper, each card becomes a conduit for connection while also nurturing the earth when planted.

A6 Seed Paper Greeting Card Set: 

Celebrate special moments with a touch of eco-friendliness. Little Green Gifts' A6 Seed Paper Greeting Card Set combines heartfelt messages with sustainable materials, housed in elephant dung paper. Each card becomes a symbol of love and environmental stewardship.

Little Green Gifts not only revolutionise the concept of gift-giving but also inspire a shift towards sustainable living. By choosing these products, individuals embrace a greener lifestyle while fostering a deeper connection with nature. As we sow the seeds of change, Little Green Gifts lead the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


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